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YouTube - the worlds largest database for organic viewing behavior - Dieter Rappold zu Gast bei Cast

Join Dieter Rappold as he dives into the depths of You Tube as a Platform and cultural phenomenon.

Although YouTube is the leading global Social Media platform it is often neglected or not managed professionally by large brands compared to Facebook, Instagram, or other Social Media Channels. In the lecture we will dive into YouTube as a platform, the cultural role of YouTube in a changing media landscape and how companies and brands can use YouTube to drive their brands.

Dieter Rappold is a serial entrepreneur with a business administration background. In 2001 he built a digital marketing agency out of Vienna and developed it until 2017 up to +180 employees. After exiting the company he built Speedinvest Pirates and executed with his team more than 200 growth projects with Startups across all stages in Europe. As a Business Angel he invested in +12 Startups since 2015 and shares his experiences in standing lectures at FH Joanneum and TU Wien.

The public lecture and following Q&A take place as part of the series «zu Gast bei Cast» by Cast / Audiovisual Media. The department regularly invites guests from the media and entertainment industry for a discussion.

This lecture will be held in english.

Mittwoch, 26. April 2023, 17.30 Uhr
Ort: Kino Toni
Toni Areal Ebene 3

Portrait of Dieter Rappold
Portrait of Dieter Rappold