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Ein Edutainment TikTok Kanal

Projekt in voller Länge: TikTok

«Giving.brain» is a TikTok channel dedicated to mental health. Lolo, an animated, curious brain searching for her identity, becomes immersed in the world of mental health content on the platform. Through funny and informative videos, Lolo explores various topics within the «mental health bubble», encouraging viewers to conduct their own research. By promoting critical thinking and humor, the channel aims to educate and entertain its audience while challenging stigmas and providing differentiated information.

The goal is to show TikTok users in the «mental health bubble» that self-diagnosis should not be their end conclusion. Tabea wants to educate people about mental health and its complexity. She also wants to talk about the problem of romanticizing mental illnesses, their stigmas, and prejudices and counteract the misinformation on the platform. She aims to be informative as well as entertaining and funny in order to reach the target audience. The character should primarily entertain and not present the information in a clumsy, intrusive way.

Make up your own mind!

Tabea Feuz
Diplomarbeiten 2023
Tabea Feuz (Foto: Adrian Graf)
Tabea Feuz (Foto: Adrian Graf)